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Time For Some Fun

One man’s view of the importance of having some fun in your life and how it can reap dividends on your everyday existence. Continue reading

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I was going to post this as a new page this evening, but after I finished putting these words on the page, I decided to post it on the Home Page. It probably has nothing to do with dividends or … Continue reading

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My Latest Gig

I decided to get moving on the latest acquisition. It is a wreck, but that is how I like it. Once I get it completely stripped out, the fun will begin. Just figured I would put these pics up so … Continue reading

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Gold in Them There Hills

I had the chance to buy some ingots today for $1185.00 each. The guy needs cash and was looking to make a deal. With gold trading at lows last seen about 9 months ago, I felt somewhat drawn to this. … Continue reading

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Just a Quick Thought

With the market taking a breather, has anyone jumped in and bought anything this week? I picked up a few GE shares through dividend reinvesting, but I am going to wait it out until things shake out a bit. Does … Continue reading

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Instant Gratification

I must say that I have fallen victim of the instant gratification demon many times. It is an amazing feeling to become overwhelmed with the need to buy something because it is the “newest” or the “best.” This weekend, I … Continue reading

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Dividend Reinvesting vs. Share Buybacks

  I came across this little tidbit, and I was almost floored by not only the title, but by the article in general. I know that buybacks are very important for companies to perform. It is no secret that … Continue reading

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Timing The Market

The market is a peculiar beast. One day, the news is so good that prices seem to rise like the ocean tide. However, the next morning, the inflow races out like sand in an hourglass. During the early 70’s, I … Continue reading

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What next

I have been a shareholder of GE for the last 15 years. It is my largest holding and it has been a rollercoaster ride for sure. I did a ton of research on the company over the years, but no … Continue reading

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