Instant Gratification


I must say that I have fallen victim of the instant gratification demon many times. It is an amazing feeling to become overwhelmed with the need to buy something because it is the “newest” or the “best.” This weekend, I fell again. I purchased a new tablet (Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 Pro) for my wife and one for myself. Both of them will be used to track our rental info and to keep emails and such as well as parts orders and repair estimates. These purchases will be used for us for business as the phones are really small and hard to see. I can say that the tablets are very easy to read and feel much better in our hands. Sounds like I am rationalizing the purchase, doesn’t it?  I guess I am, in a way, but I am more worried about if I bought the right one as opposed to if I should have bought it at all. I have always been a person who makes due with what I have, but recently, the tech bug has gotten the best of me. Has this been happening to anyone lately? I try to avoid Best Buy like the plague. It is amazing how holding the product is so much better than reading about it. They basically sell themselves, as far as I am concerned. Does anyone have the same or different feelings? What tablets are you using? Keep cranking, Robert the DividendDreamer

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6 Responses to Instant Gratification

  1. I feel like I have everything I need currently, except for the corvette and a pretty lady sitting in the passenger seat haha. So whenever I walk into a Best Buy or browse Amazon, nothing really screams buy me now. Ever since I started tracking my expenses, I’ve been constantly second guessing random purchases. That helps ease the randomly buying.

    Oh, how was the sushi, delicious I take it? Hope you had a great time with the wife and kids. Cheers!

    • The sushi was fabulous. It was all you can eat served off the menu. They have 2 options – you can pay one price or order what you want. I go for the one price. I was going to take a picture, but I felt like everyone was looking at me. Hey, I have a black 1996 Corvette, and your post reminded me of the time we road down to Biloxi on the beach with the top off in 2004. That was the only time we did that, and I rarely drive it now with the kids and all. However, your post brought back some memories for me. That sure was a good time, but Katrina destroyed the house on the beach, and we have not had the chance to drive it like that since.

      So what year Corvette do you dream of? What color?

      Keep cranking,


      • I love sushi buffets, you get so much bang for the buck as sushi is typically pricey. I really like it when they have sashimi on the menu. You should’ve taken some photos and shared them on the blog.

        As for the corvette, I really like the new C7 stingray. Night race blue with black wheels would be my preference, something stealthy. I’ll probably get one in about 5 years, no need for a car now. I hope the insurance reimbursed you on the house. Katrina was really bad.

        This is probably the ideal car color and spec:

      • That is one fine car. Not much room for the kids in that one. Big bucks for that one for sure. I have always been a person who believes you need goals and wants in order to keep working hard. If you want one, keep saving and investing and use any extra income that you can generate from other ventures towards the car.

        The sushi at the place we went is really good. They have everything available and it is made to order off the menu, ao it is fresh and it is delivered to the table. I try to go on special days and whenever I have some extra time.

        Good luck,

        Robert the DividendDreamer

  2. My wife and I fall victim to the quick want and buy with new tech sometimes, mainly AAPL products. We have the iPad Air and a Kindle Fire for tablets, along with a new Dell Tablet. I really try to not waste money though, but believe you must give into some wants every now and again. You only have one life, so I don’t want to be cheap, just moderately cheap! 😉 Speaking of, the new iPhone 6 plus is looking like a buy when our plan is up.

    • I have the Note3, and I love it. I also have the ipad 4 retina’s for the kids to do homework. The kids sure do love the ipads. I probably would have stayed with the iphone when I upgraded from the 3gs, but the screen was too small for me to use comfortably. My decision on the iphone would have been a no brainer if the 6plus was available back when I made the change.

      I think you are right in rewarding yourself sometimes. I have had 7 people who were close to me and mostly family members die in the last year. The ages ranged from 27 to 83. You never know when it is your time- so a little enjoyment is both ok and probably beneficial to your well being.

      Keep cranking,

      Robert the DividendDreamer

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