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I decided to get moving on the latest acquisition. It is a wreck, but that is how I like it. Once I get it completely stripped out, the fun will begin. Just figured I would put these pics up so I can show my progress, but mostly so that I can keep myself motivated to get it going. I will post a little more about the property later tonight. So, without further ado, back to work I go.

So far, this has been the most productive day in quite some time. It would be very nice to get a few in a row. However, I guess I should be happy with any forward progress made.

Well, this house is a 1980 sf. single family home. It has 4 bedrooms and 2 baths.  It is in a nice neighborhood, but it was vacant for a while and goofballs ended up stripping out the water pipes and the A/C. What was left was basically junk. The wiring in the original section of the house was garbage, so it had to go. Basically, it is a gut job. In the end, the house will be like new, and all the work will have been worth it. Since I do all the work myself, ( I do have a few favors I call in from time to time) the labor is free, and that is where the money truly goes in these projects. I can’t imagine not doing the work because that is how I have been doing it since I started with my home 20 years ago.

I also save on paint and lumber by collecting it from tear outs and throw aways.  I have about 180 gallons of paint that I got from a painter that lost his house and it was thrown out.  It is all high dollar and white or off white. Guess what colors go in my houses?  

I always look for remodels, and I offer to help and collect the lumber. It is straighter, and the grain is tighter than anything you can get at Home Depot. I have a huge pile of lumber just waiting to be used. I also go to Home Depot and stock up on all the 70% off lumber for cripples and blocking. It is really good lumber but might have a bow in a 16 foot piece. Once it is nailed in, it is perfect.  So, I save at least 70% on most of the lumber and the stock of paint is free. The houses around here were all redone when Katrina hit, and when they were done, most were sold and then remodeled again. The new buyers threw out all the fixtures that were just put in, and I picked up every one o them. I have a huge stockpile of lights and fixtures along with faucets and 4 Kohler sinks. These people are nuts to tear out brand new stuff because they want a different brand. I also have 2 Casablanca Victorian fans with the light kits and variable speed controls that cost about $900 each.  They were new after Katrina- then the man I knew died. The new guy tore them out when he bought the house and put a $59 Hampton Bay in place of the “junk” he just tore out. I asked him if I could have them, and he said  “Take them.” Those are going in my house when I get a chance. I also know a guy who does replacement doors. I have gotten a huge number of mahogany and oak doors that have beautiful glass inserts and solid brass lock sets. It is amazing that people throw out better stuff than some people put in there house. 

I also hope to do a tile floor throughout. I love to set tile and create patterns. The tiles are cheap and very durable. It takes a lot of time to cut the tiles when it is put down with a perimeter border and the tiles are set on a 90, but the end result is really cool and it looks elegant. However, laying the tiles that way is so much more time consuming than a straight lay. When the tenants walk in, the floor always catches there eye. I just can’t do it the easy way. As it stands, this house is a 3 out of 10. In the next few months, I hope to bring it up a few notches. We will see. 

Keep cranking,

Robert the DividendDreamer


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