Time For Some Fun

Well, this certainly has been a very intense month. The month was started with a Labor Day trip to Texas to see KISS/Def Leppard. What can I say about those bands that has not been said before. 2 amazing Rock and Roll bands in 1 night. What a show. Tons of people drinking beer and smoking cigarettes and that is what got me wondering about the PM purchase so much. I guess you could say I was also using that trip as a research tool, but it was basically to see 2 wonderfully entertaining bands perform music from my past that seems almost as relevant today. Well, since then, it has been mostly work in addition to trying to get this blog going. With the kids and their activities in the mix, there is very little time for anything else. Lucky for me,  I am a night owl, and  I can get a bunch of this done in the evening. It sure has been a lot of work this month, but I have seen  some headway on a few projects, and I have started to make some great contacts in the blogging world. Seems like a win for me. Now for the fun part of this post. On Saturday night, I will be making my way to the Hard Rock in Biloxi to see ASIA in concert. If you haven’t seen ASIA before, you have missed some extremely talented musicians, and if you have, you know exactly what I mean when I say that the group is phenomenal. They have some of the most iconic music in their repertoire of any band in the last 30 years. To me, they were MTV. Remember “Video Killed The Radio Star?” Geoff Downes  co-wrote the song,  and it was the first video on MTV. I remember the day like yesterday.  Who can forget the thundering guitar solo in “Heat of the Moment?” The drum solos by Carl Palmer are always something beyond compare. As far as John Whetton goes, what can I say? He is really good at his craft. His bass is always precise and tight. His voice is dead on, and he is very entertaining- a real class act to say the least. I am sure he has had to deal with his share of demons along the way, but to be able to overcome those demons and still be able to entertain the world is a true show of his abilities as an artist and a man. I met him very briefly in Atlanta in November 2012. I should have asked for his autograph, but I guess I was so surprised I got close enough to actually talk to him. As far as Steve Howe, he is now back with YES and a very talented young guy is taking his place. I enjoyed watching Steve Howe play the guitar. He has some great under his belt that go back to my very early childhood. Give “Round About” a try and you will see what I mean.  I had a wonderful time when I was growing up and ASIA as well as a host of bands including Rush (I can’t believe this is not a post about Rush!- If you knew me you would understand.), Pink Floyd- that is another story altogether, Cheap Trick, Aerosmith, Van Halen, ZZ Top, Zebra(Hometown Boys), and the mighty Led Zeppelin- I’ve seen them all. In its simplest form, the music is just a bunch of notes on a page and plucks of a string as well as beats on a drum. When taken as a whole in an actual performance, it is an experience. It becomes a full body as well as mind experience. Feelings long forgotten come rushing back as if by some magical spell. Moments in your life become intertwined with the rhythm of the tunes and they are now inseparable. When good times are linked to such intensely vibrant sounds and visual cues, all the misery and toil of daily life melts away even if it is only for a few minutes in time. I never watched “Cold Case” until one night when my son had it on, and I heard the song “Comfortably Numb.” That show is really cool, and the coolness factor is magnified exponentially by the wonderful selection of songs that are featured throughout each episode.

Music is just that important in our lives. It reaps dividends. I bet you didn’t think this was going to be a post about dividends? However, it sort of is related- somewhat. I have always noticed how much better I feel when I hear “Tom Sawyer,” or “Stairway to Heaven,” or “Heat of the Moment.” I get a little “extra” deposited in my day. The best part about it is that I get that little “extra” feeling every time I hear those songs and end up humming them in my head throughout the day. No need for therapists or mood altering drugs. A quick pop in of a cd or the click of a radio knob and the fun begins. Music is everywhere in my life. I live and breath it. It is in every room both inside and out. I just cannot get enough.   My son and I play the Guitar Hero and play all the good stuff, and he could tell you my favorite track without any coaxing on my part. He knows that “Heat of the Moment” is going to be on the set list even if the house is on fire. I am a lucky guy. I have 2 great kids who have been to more Rock concerts than most adults. My wife is right there with me. They have shared a part of what was and is my life, and I think they are better for it. Good times with timeless music can only benefit every human being. The only sad part about this weekend will be that it is 21 and over only, so no kids. They like ASIA and will miss out going with me, but that is how it is once in a while. However, I plan on being there with bells on and enjoy what I know will be one heck of a show.


A little sample of Labor Day with KISS/Def Leppard

How does music enhance your life?  Are you a Rock and Roller? How often do you go to concerts? Therapist or music therapy?

Keep cranking,

Robert the DividendDreamer

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