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Happy Halloween!!

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KMP and The Reorganization

I think this picture describes how I feel about the transaction! I have a few accounts that have a few shares in each account. They were picked up over time with a dividend reinvestment in order to start building a … Continue reading

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Update: I just visited the local Mcdonald’s. Same order, but better service. The order was wrong, but the server was very helpful and nice. Maybe all is not so bad. Here is my standard lately. I am in a hurry, … Continue reading

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We’ll See

A little more than half way into October, we have seen some extreme volatility in the market. Up 300 points one day and down 450 the next. Lots of ups and downs. Also, we have seen some nice opportunities come … Continue reading

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Nice Job

Well, I have been  in the hospital all day to get this cast on my son and this is what it looks like. I will post another picture of it when he gets to practice. Here is the cast and … Continue reading

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A Bummer Of A Week

We all have things happen to us that make us happy or sad. For some, the market spiralling downward could trigger sad feelings while it would make a person looking for a bargain extremely happy. I never even noticed what … Continue reading

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Recent Buy

Bought 486 shares of GE at 24.87. No commission. Hopefully, I get a nice bump on the dividend in the next few weeks. What are you buying? Where do you think the market goes from here? Good luck. Keep cranking, … Continue reading

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On the road and cannot wait to see the band. What are ya’ll doing tonight? Can’t wait to see the show! Amazing! Gotta Love It! If I tell you I had a good time, I would be lying.  I had … Continue reading

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Ma Bell

It must have seemed to be something extraordinary when the words “Mr. Watson, come here. I want to see you” were first heard over the telephone. At that moment, humans were no longer separated by distance, and the world became … Continue reading

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