A Bummer Of A Week

We all have things happen to us that make us happy or sad. For some, the market spiralling downward could trigger sad feelings while it would make a person looking for a bargain extremely happy. I never even noticed what was going on in the market today. I know things have been up and down and sometimes sideways, but that is how it goes in the stock market.

Last night as I walked out of the hospital with my son, the furthest thing from my mind was the stock market and for that matter-money. When the doctor allowed me to see his xrays, my heart sank. I felt the world as I knew it start to implode. I felt so sad for my son because he puts an extreme amount of effort in training for his play. I made the best of it and tried to reassure him that he might be able to play when the cast is applied next week, but who knows- the season may be a bust for him. He sure is taking it well, and he is saying he is going to play in the cast either way. As a matter of fact,  he practiced for 2 days with the hand as it was until it swelled and we noticed it. That shows his work ethic and the importance of the team to him. I am so proud of the way he has accepted this and his desire to try to salvage the rest of the season. I am looking at him right now as he is practicing with his team. Although he can’t do contact yet, he is out there showing his support and desire to play. Talk about being a proud poppa.  I never looked at him quite like I have looked at him in the last 2 days. He is becoming the man I always knew he would be. Regardless of how the market goes or if dividends increase or decrease, I am now happy….happy to see my son enjoy his life and strive to become the best he can be. I am truly a lucky guy.

Keep cranking,

Robert the DividendDreamer

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4 Responses to A Bummer Of A Week

  1. You’re right, miney isn’t always everything. Best wishes to you and your family. Cheers!

  2. Robert,

    I’m sorry to hear about your son’s injury. The way he seems to handle it is awesome though. I can imagine you feel proud!

    Best wishes,

    • NMW,

      Thanks. He is pretty tough. He has always been like that. It is good that he can take the pain and not complain, but he never tells us when he is hurt, so we have to be on top of him. We will see how it goes. By next week, it will be easy to spot him on the field. He will be the one in the cast.

      Keep cranking,

      Robert the DividendDreamer

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