We’ll See

image A little more than half way into October, we have seen some extreme volatility in the market. Up 300 points one day and down 450 the next. Lots of ups and downs. Also, we have seen some nice opportunities come about for stocks that have been being bought up by a lot of the dividend investors in our little community. Although I have not been able to take advantage of the swings, I know a few of you have been able to pick up some nice buys. Always good to pay less whenever you get the chance. I got a little good news on my biggest holding this week. Looks like GE had a nice quarter, and is on course to have a really nice 4th quarter. First time I heard any positive comments from Immelt in a call. Seems like he is confident in how things are going and the future of his company. The dividend is of major concern, and the board knows it. They will hopefully raise the dividend into the $1.00 range so we can get rolling towards some serious income and yield. That in turn will result in possible increases in the share price. I really would not mind having the share price stay put for a little while so I can load up on some more shares at the current prices. Sooner or later, the stock price will move up as a result of increases in earnings per share and increases in the dividend. Hard to believe that the dividend will be able continue growing at this pace and the stock price remain so low in comparison. I will be more than happy to collect the increases in dividends as I know all of you feel the same way.      Also, KMP gave us a little boost. I have been hesitant to sell this one because I am hoping the transfer will happen after the beginning of next year. That would put off the taxes until next year. I left a lot of potential money on the table by not selling it at 99.00, but I did not want to deal with the taxes if I do not have to this year. We will see how that goes. Either way, the dividend is looking good for KMP and KMI, so the future looks good for the dividend income and growth for a while.      I will be collecting all of my quarterly dividends soon, so I hope some deals still exist in a few weeks to come. Good luck to all. Keep cranking, Robert the DividendDreamer Posted from WordPress for Android

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4 Responses to We’ll See

  1. Just curious, why is your position in GE so large? What percentage is it of your stock portfolio?

    • Well, like I said before, I used my trading to develop the position. It was built from many many many trades and some purchases. In the last few years, I have just been collecting the dividends and reinvesting mostly and left it alone because I felt GE was worth the bet on a turn around. I had a good portion of that position when the “….” hit the fan back in 2009. I just ended up adding to my position as it hit the floor. My main objective is to eventually diversify a whole lot more, but I have held for a lot of years, so I will hold for a while longer and hopefully reap some of the dividend growth that should be coming….maybe even some price appreciation eventually.

      Keep cranking,

      Robert the DividendDreamer

  2. Steve says:

    GE is a powerhouse and with all the clean up of the bad assets, that has been made in the past years, the future looks bright.

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