Did I Sell? Did I Buy?

You bet I did. I bought and sold today. I sold my T position in my trading account and collected a nice chunk of change. I sold the shares for $34.81. I originally paid $34.23 cents with the trade factored in. Along the way, I also collected the dividend. So, I collected a nice profit of $1.05 per share.

I also bought today. I decided to buy back my calls on FE. I only bought back 9 contracts and let 3 ride. All told, I netted $571.00 on the 9 contracts in 21 days. Not bad as far as I am concerned. During that time, I also collected the dividend for FE, so things worked out pretty good today.

I decided to sell the T shares because the profit was well beyond my planned gain for my strategy in my trading account. It feels really good to follow a plan even if I do not end up seeing all of the potential upward move in the stock. It really moved higher on no news, so I am anticipating a possible drop in the next week or so. Either way, there are tons of other stocks that have been hit that I can buy next week.

As for the calls, I made most of the money in 3 weeks. There was only a limited amount left to go and if the price moves up, I will sell all over again. Seems like a win to me. I wanted to book the profit and fight another day.

Any thoughts? Would you have done differently?

Keep cranking,

Robert the DividendDreamer

About dividenddreamer

Doing what I can to make the best of today and the most of tomorrow.
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