I have been messing with this note4 for almost a week. This is the 3rd phone now, and it is now working. I do not really want to go into why it is working now, but I feel safe in saying that it was not the phone to begin with. About 3 hours ago now, I was told that I needed to get amother new phone. You can just imagine how that went over. I spent about 50 hours fooling around since Saturday, and I have no problem saying that it was not at all neccessary. I do not want to actually come out and say what I think occurred, but you can easily deduce what I think occurred. After my last call to the carrier and a refusal to return my brand new phone- along with a whole bunch of choice words, my phone seems to be working like lightning. I am tired of dealing with this issue. I pay for unlimited service with no throttle and that is what I should get-period. Regardless of the other phones on my bill, mine should never be throttled. I cannot say for sure that is what happened, but it sure started working right after the last call where I just plain asked nicely to turn my service back on and I will let it go. I want my phone to work like it is right now. It is functioning fine , and that is how it should function. This is not a flip phone, it is a very high tech machine, and it needs a serious service. So, that is what I want. I lost everything since Nov 26, 2014, but at least it works now. Well, now I am off to try to get it back the way I had it.

Anyone have any issues like this? Feel free to rant and rave.

Keep cranking,

Robert the DividendDreamer

For the past 1 1/4 years, I happened to use one of the best smart phones possible. Not long before that,  I was not even contemplating the need for such a device, let alone the desire to have one. image Before my foray into the use of a smartphone, I just got along and used the internet when I got home or when I was near a computer. During the years of 2005 to 2011, I had a laptop card that allowed unlimited data, but it was slow and T eventually cancelled my service when I tried to download a few YouTube videos for the kids to watch. I had no mobile data or really any phone service to speak of between 2011 and the end of 2013- 200 mb data and 550 minutes to share with the wife. So, when my dad passed away, I had to stay with my mother and keep an eye on her because of her age. Since there was no Internet connection there with her, I got very little done with my emails,  parts orders, research, and investing. If I did not get it done before I got to her house it waited until the next day. I got used to that situation, but I hated it. I felt isolated and alone, and I did not have a clue what I was missing. At the end of 2013, I decided to try out a few different carriers. I bought a phone with Metro PCS and it was great. I liked the speed, but I wanted to see how it all worked. I bought a 2.5 gig plan and let the downloads eat it up. The next day, the phone came to a screaming halt. I went in the store and the girl let me pay the difference for the unlimited and it worked perfect the rest of the month. I was using a Galaxy Exhibit because it was cheap and I did not think I needed more. Well, I knew what T was offering me, and it would not work with my situation. I needed unlimited because I had no WiFi connection at the time I would use it most. I also wanted a tether. I checked all the plans, and then, I came across Tmobile’s plan that was just like Metro, but with a tether, and I could add all my family for a really nice price. I picked out the Galaxy S4 and thought it was a done deal. Well, I used it for 1 day and decided to give it to my wife and get the Note3. Man, was that the best move I ever made. That phone was fabulous. My life, as I knew it, was changed forever.  The moment I turned the note3 on, I could feel the power of knowledge, efficiency, and performance flowing in my presence. I never had a bad signal or a dropped call. If the note3 was good, the note4 should be that much better. Not the case for me–so far. As soon as I could, I got the note4 preordered. It really is a nice phone, however, I must have gotten a dud. My wife’s works great, but mine loses the signal often and the Internet drops off often. It is the phone they say. Fast forward to this past Saturday. image We went to a gymnastics meet, and my son used my wife’s phone to play games. The rest of the family only has 2.5 gigs/month. In the time he played the games during that day, he used all the data and got a warning. I did not know about it. However, about that time, my phone stopped working correctly. It did that stuff before, but a signal reset fixed it right up. This time, the phone just kept getting nothing. I was doing a lot of driving that weekend, so I figured, it was the cause. However, yesterday afternoon, I called Tmobile, and they went through the steps and nothing changed. I called back and a few more things, and nothing changed. I called again and the girl told me to reset the phone. I have been told this since I got it, but refused until I had chance to back it up on kies. Reluctantly, I did it after she helped back up my contacts and photos. I asked about my notes and passwords and everything else, but she was very rude as far as me asking more questions. She wanted to get it rebooted and get me on my way. Well, I kept asking  “What if and what if” but she insisted and talked me into the reboot. image It did not work, and the stuff was lost and nothing after Nov 26 of last year is on the Google backup. The save procedure did not work. Anyway, now I called back and they said they would send a new phone after about 3 hours of bantering back and forth. I also found out that my wife’s was throttled and so was my kid’s phones. When I realized that, I knew no matter what they told me, my phone was acting up because they were throttling me. I told the agent that he was lying, and I would never believe him. I told him I went to Catholic school and could remember the nuns punishing the whole class if someone talked. He said I was wrong, but I told him that if that was the case, my card should allow my wife’s phone to get full signal if I swapped them. I did that before when we got the new note3, and I gave her the S4. He then said my profile had an issue then and it still would not work. Now, I had him! I was mad. They caused me to erase my phone and think it was broken-all the while, I told them they were throttling the family because of my wife’s phone. About 3 hours after my conversation with him, my Internet started coming back, but my phone is still blank and my passwords were forgotten. Anyhow, a phone arrived today, and I could tell it was a refurb. Needless to say, I was on the phone all day and finally after the 3 disconnects and the 4th superviser, they are sending me a new factory fresh phone. I told him I will never forget this. I may let it go, but I will not forget. I have about a month or so of password resets and setting up my phone. I am 100% sure I will have this on my mind. Needless to say, I will try my best to get a trade going and keep my reinvestment going. I picked up 14 shares of T and 6 shares of GE in my accounts because of dividend reinvestment. I have the FRIP and it just bought the shares when the other dividends hit the account, and I kind of liked that. Although I did not make my trading strategy move forward this week, I have all my cash settled and the order is in. We will see how it goes. I will say that I have come to rely on my phone. I never thought I would say that, but it is now a necessity. My trading strategy relies on it, my connection with my family and friends relies on it, and my connection to the world and the information age relies on it. I cannot wait to get my phone back up and running correctly. Keep cranking, Robert the DividendDreamer

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2 Responses to Hello!……Hello!…..#~☆{○♢

  1. Hey Robert. What a hassle. I feel your frustrations bud. Damn. Maybe you need to switch companies if it continues. I would. That’s their job to provide great service so provide it! Thank you for sharing and getting it off your chest. Take care and keep up the great work.

    • I do not know for sure the phone issue was caused by the throttle of my wife’s phone but sure is a coincidence. Well, I am getting a new phone and we will see. I took the battery out of my phone and when I opened the case, It had a burned electrical smell to it. Maybe it is a phone issue. Either way, I am hoping for the best. Tmobile has given me great service until this issue. I use about 60 gigs a month, so I can’t complain. Thanks for stopping by.

      Keep cranking,

      Robert the DividendDreamer

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