Keep Cranking!!!!

I have been asked many times about my little sign off that I use. I guess only those who know me get what it means.

I guess one could guess that it has to do with continued pushing to do something great. That would be a good guess. However, it would be a tad bit off. I guess they could guess any sort of other inuendo, yet most would be far from the truth.

My sign off has its roots in a young kid who was fascinated (and still is) in the science of audio (Hint!).

I can remember listening to my first high performance speakers- Klipsch Heresy and Forte. I was only a 10 year old kid when I would go into a fairly high end audio store. I never touched the stuff, but I used to ask the guys who worked there to put the music on. They would crank it up!!!!, and I would listen for a good part of the day. There was no video stuff back then. Video was not taken very seriously, and it was not very good at all. So, sound was my first true hobby. I can’t believe the guys actually let me listen to the equipment, because I was just a punk kid. As a matter of fact, I do not believe they ever thought I would walk in the store and buy something at that age, but I did. The Klipsch Heresy and Forte were and still are fabulous systems.


The Heresy


The Forte

I can remember my first true high end speaker purchase- Klipsch Klipschorn.
I never really listened to the Khorns when I was a youngster of 10 years old. I kind of grew into them. I bought them when I was 17. I bought them even though I never actually had a place to put them. As a matter of fact, I have every piece of audio gear that I ever purchased.  For quite a few years, my Khorns were quite happily at home with my 80 year old aunt. I would go there and clean up the house for her and eat lunch. All the while, we would listen to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony cranking through my beautiful Khorns.


I can remember the first time I played Also Sprach Zarathustra

through these monsters. Most people tend to listen to popular music when they demo equipment. That is a serious mistake. I usually go with the most demanding track I can find. Dynamic range can be quite the end to many seemingly formidable systems.

We were in Alterman Audio, and I remember asking Henry Alterman to play the track. Well, as it starts out, the track builds, but it has some extremely intense dynamic range. You can have the gain control on the amp all the way up, and you can have a conversation as it plays. Then, all of a sudden, it’s like the parting of the Red Sea. I remember Henry running for the volume control. All the while, I was like the cat that swallowed the canary. I had an ear to ear smile!! I made the deal that day, and the Khorns were mine.

I had to drive clear across town and find where they were shipped because there was only one pair in the city. My then girlfriend (who is now my wife) realized then that she was getting into something that was to never stop -It hasn’t. I have been cranking ever since those first days when I was 10 years old in Stereo Village.

For many years, I have found and repaired many pieces of audio equipment. I cannot see those items being tossed out only to be replaced with the plastic trash of today.

My last big project was my LFE channel in my HT.


                    Potentia Maximus





I have been cranking for many years. Anyone and everyone who knows me, knows all too well about my love of audio. I hear- “What’s up cranker?”, “Crank it up!”, and the ever endearing “How’s it cranking?” That is really a big deal when people hang out. They always ask about the sound. If I was a car guy, I guess it would be all about cars, but that is not the case.

Along with “Keep cranking,” I also make use of “If it’s too loud– You’re too old.” That one rarely goes over well, but hey, we are usually in my house, and I rarely turn it down for the benefit of others. I liken it to having a Ferrari and not stepping on the gas- Not going to happen!


There is much more to the audio portion of this program, but it took over 35 years for that story to play out. I could not imagine writing about it in a few paragraphs. Plus, it is hard to describe how something sounds and give someone the description of the tactile feel that occurs when I am “cranking”. I will say that when chills run up your body, the system is right. When your mouth begins to water somewhat, the system is right. When you can fall to sleep because you are completely relaxed as the sound is at full tilt during the The Emperor, it is so, so right.

So, now you know why my sign off is  “Keep cranking.” If sound was a drug (To me, it is), I would be considered an addict, but in a good way. Music makes your life better in so many ways, and it is just that important in my life. If anyone has visited the Magic Kingdom and went to the Philharmagic, you have gotten a taste of what I get each and every day. I know I cannot get enough of that show.

I also felt it was apropos to use the term, “Keep cranking,” because it seems to have some connection to cranking out dividends from the stock holdings.

Well, I just felt like addressing that issue, and now that it is known by all who visit this site, I once again leave you with….

Keep cranking,

Robert the DividendDreamer

About dividenddreamer

Doing what I can to make the best of today and the most of tomorrow.
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2 Responses to Keep Cranking!!!!

  1. DivGuy says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I now know a little more about you! Liking audio as well. Definitely not as much as you, but I’m always having something to listen to working at home, cooking, drinking, chatting with friends, etc.

    Cheers to the cranking! 😉


    • It is rare for me to come across guys who have the bug for audio, l like I do, unless I am on an audio site. Good to hear (no pun) you enjoy listening to audio. I liken it the an “experience.” As a matter of fact, my HT is named “The Experience.” I have been told that it has to be experienced in order to believe it. I just think of it as “normal” for me.

      Keep cranking,

      Robert the DividendDreamer

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