How Do You Plan To Spend Your Retirement

I cannot speak for other people, but I sure have some big plans for my retirement days. I do not know if those days will ever truly come, but I want to give it my best shot in case they do.

I constantly think about what I am going to do when I retire. It seems that most of my dreams seem to have my wife and kids standing right next to me. I guess I failed to realize that my kids will eventually grow up, and ultimately, go on their own. It never really crossed my mind like that before. It was not until the last few days that I truly noticed my son is really growing up. I just never gave that part of it much thought.

Lately, my son has been a little more independent, and he does not need me to stand by and watch as he practices and trains. I guess I just figured that is what I should do, but he seems to differ in opinion. That has gotten me to think about my retirement days.

I am pretty sure that I will not want to be doing quite so much manual labor when I am in my 60’s, but I have learned over time to never say, “Never.” 
In the past few years, I have come to like doing everything with my wife and kids. I guess I just figured that we will always continue to go to concerts and make road trips to Disney each year. Those things may continue far into the future, but It could also might probably be just the wife and I venturing into the unknown.

I sure would not mind doing what I do now as far as trips go. Maybe I should just plan on a few inlaws and maybe a couple of grandkids sometimes. I would not mind, but that might make things seem quite different than what they are now and in the past.

I gues what I am trying to say is that, in all of the years that I have been planning, the plans were being made with the future in mind. However, I have been using the present as the gauge for what I would like to do. My plans include hiking the Grand Canyon.

However, who knows if I will be able to do that in 20 years, or if anyone in my family will want to do it with me? I want to visit Egypt, but will the country be safe to visit in the future?

My retirement plans never really considered me getting older or my kids not being right by my side. I am still going to keep all of those ideas on the burners, but I guess I better plan for some simpler things also. If my kids want to do the things I dreamed for us, then that will be great, although I know they will have their own lives.

I have always liked the song “Cat in the cradle.” I can remember that song from the very first time I heard it. I know how hard it is to raise kids and careers and work are so time consuming. However, I have made it an issue to never let my work get in the way of seeing my kids practice or perform. They are, first and foremost, the most important thing in my life. however, that is my decision and something I do for my children. Every person has to do what is best for their family. Who knows if my kids will want to continue traveling and seeing concerts once they become adults? Surely, time will tell.


Speaking of time. Right before my son went to sleep, we went out and he practiced his 40 yard dash, and I helped him with his batting practice. I can’t publish videos yet, but I wish I could publish his first 7 year old little league hit- It was a home run over the fence, way over the fence! I was really happy for him. Also, we are going to a gymnastics meet this week. I cannot wait to see my daughter complete injury free for the first time this year. She has been such a trooper. Both of them have been.

I guess instead of planning for my retirement so much, I should just plug ahead and enjoy the time I have right now with my kids. If the time comes that I am able to spend time with them and their future families, then I hope to make the best of that. Nevertheless, I do k ot want to put so much emphasis on retiring later and end up missing the things I have in the present.

Man, that was an awkward story. I felt so confused, and so many questions were swirling in my head as I typed this out on my phone, but I got it on paper, so to say, and it feels good. It was hard to explain how I feel about seeing my kids grow up and realize that they are not going to be my “little ones” forever. Nonetheless, they will always be my “little ones” in my eyes.

This story started as a what I want to do in retirement and ended up being a story about me seeing my kids grow up and not wanting to lose what we have now. Amazing how things evolve, but this is my blog, and I guess, since I make the rules, everything will be alright no matter what I write about. This was a nice step away from dividends and stocks for me. Although those things are always on my mind, sometimes, I think other things are of much more importance.

Anyone have any similar thoughts? What is your ideal retirement scenerio?

Keep cranking,

Robert the DividendDreamer

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6 Responses to How Do You Plan To Spend Your Retirement

  1. ChasingGains says:

    Hey Robert you put it well, Don’t look so forward to retirement you foget to live in the “now”
    What do I plan to do in retirement? Travel around, play lots of Golf and go to more sporting events đŸ™‚

    • Thanks for stopping by. Sounds like a nice plan to me. Keep plugging at it. Hey, how is your bench training going?

      Keep cranking,
      Robert the DividendDreamer

      • ChasingGains says:

        Yeah it’s going great! Thanks, will be trying my 1RM soon so I’ll let you know !

      • I will be waiting for the progress. I do know that chains and board presses are a surefire method to overload the muscles. So many new training techniques to help with sticking points. Give it your best shot and keep me posted.

        Keep cranking,
        Robert the DividendDreamer

  2. I’m worried that when I retire I won’t physically be able to do the things I want so I’ve decided to do them now.

    • Sounds like the right move. I have been doing many of the things that I want, but I need to start doing more of the traveling portion while my kids are young. Thanks for stopping by.

      Keep cranking,

      Robert the DividendDreamer

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