Retirement Saving in Your 40s and 50s – MassMutual

Looking at the amount that the average person sampled has saved is really thought provoking. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard just how important it has been to save for retirement. I guess most of these people were not listening.


The article does give some really good advice as far as starting now and how to go about investing for the future. I think that it should be Madatory that kids should be taught some kind of class in school. It is so important to prepare them for building a savings and investing portfolio so that they can take care of themselves as young adults, and also, later in life.


The article goes into detail about planning and the possible ups and downs of the market. Given enough years, and the ability to diversify, most investors should be able to weather most storms.

Lots of things have to be considered when planning for retirement. However, the most important thing to do is start planning. For young investors, time is on their side. Investing in quality companies over the long term has created tremendous wealth for many investors. Of course, markets will not always go up, and they can really tank quite severely. However, very few ways exist to create wealth that can be built in such small increments as investing in the markets.


Some people see it as gambling, and that may be true. Nevertheless, high quality companies that pay dividends over many years should be able to continue to do so more often than not. Of course, there will be an occasional loser, but that is mostly the exception- Not the rule.


One of the most important thing an investor has is time. If an investor starts investing early in a career, time will allow dividends to compound upon themselves each and every quarter. Along with that, dividend growth will allow the investor to accumulate wealth even faster as more cash will be available to buy new shares.

It is never too late to start the process. Just a little education can go a long way with the plan. Hopefully, we can all become a little more educated and enjoy a possible early retirement.

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Robert the DividendDreamer

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