Sailing around the world in retirement: How we did it

Sailing around the world in retirement: How we did it


Now this sounds like the life.!

Take note that they switched from the highly speculative stocks to dividend growth stocks. Looks like they not only made the right choices along the way, they continue to make good choices.

Saving, investing, living below their means. All of those things led them to be able to enjoy the thing they truly want to do. Good for them.

This sounds like a blueprint that can be implemented by every person in order to try to achieve financial independence. What a life they have created for themselves!

Keep cranking,

Robert the DividendDreamer 

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4 Responses to Sailing around the world in retirement: How we did it

  1. Vivianne says:

    I read the article, too. They are doing it now because they are still young. Imagine they have semi-passive income like rental property and manage themselves. I recently have to cancel my vacation because my tenant decided that it’s okay to give me 3-days notice and leave. On top of that, her dad is calling inspector on me. My city doesn’t require rental inspection to rent, yet. They’ve been talking about it. So I don’t know what they will say when they come.

    I’m quickly trying to advertise it. Also, one of them is an international student, I don’t think she knows what she gets herself into for not uphold to the lease. Anyhow, I don’t want to sue anybody, but it’s a huge inconvenience to pause my life because of irresponsible tenant.

    Did you ever have to pause your life due to bad tenant? How did you handle it?

    • I have had a few bad ones. I mean really bad. One of them was supposed to be a girl and her 2 kids. It ended up being her and four kids and her thug boyfriend. Her mom came and paid the first day when she signed the lease. She drove a Mercedes, and I figured the girl was ok. What a joke. I had the cops at the end because they moved out during the nig j t owing me about 5000. Then when we were there the next day, they came by and threatened my dad while I was not there. I called the police and about 40 undercover showed up. They were all in handcuffs and had cavity searches. I just wanted them to leave and never come back. They did. However, they now live right down the street from my brother in law. But, at least I get to smile about the cavity searches as I pass by them. I have been ripped off on them he money a few times. The only salvation is I did not owe on a mortgage, so no one is chasing me in the process. However, it is an issue when one becomes vacant, but you have to address it the best way possible. In our city, nobody cares about the landlords. There is very little you van do to get the money. The people that rent do not have anything, so suing them does nothing. If I get a judgement and then try to garnish wages, they would just quit the job and I have to try to go through the process again. Too much to bother with. So, I chalk it up as a loss and a learning experience. I would like to go over this a little more when I have the time. I am at a gymnastics meet.

      Keep cranking,

      Robert the DividendDreamer

  2. DivGuy says:

    Didn’t read it yet, but thank you for the share! Seems like a very interesting read for the RV trip we’re planning! 😉



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