Being Poor Affects Kids’ Brains: Study


I have come across more articles regarding money and happiness in the past week than I could ever have imagined. It seems like I keep seeing the topic up close and personal ever since I decided to mention it on my blog.

If this article is based in truth, it seems like money can, in some ways, be linked to increased intelligence and possibly happiness. I find it completely logical that at the lowest income levels, children would be at a disadvantage developmentally to higher income children as the article implies. Better food, housing and medical care along with being safer by being less exposed to violence should, in theory, lead to increased development. This article cites studies that show this to be basically true at certain income levels.

I think this is very important information. It leads me to believe that my opinion that money can buy happiness is absolutely possible. The article states that children from the poorest income levels have considerably less brain development, whereas, small increases in income, up to a point, leads to increased brain development. I can see clearly that the results of this study coinc
ide with my thoughts on money and happiness (quality of life).

I can truly understand how children from the lowest income levels might be affected by poverty, but the study seems to show an actual developmental deficiency which is potentially proof in the matter regarding money (wealth) and intellectual development.

I have always had the idea that poverty begets poverty. It is a self fulfilling prophesy. If children are not taught to  take care of themselves and exposed to learning, they will be at a disadvantage to those who are. It seems like there is some sort of scientific data that shows this is potentially correct. It may not be 100% correct to say such things because I am sure there is the potential for Einstein level intelligence at any socioeconomic level. However, if the results hold true from study to study, and the results are readily reproduced, it would be hard to fight the thought that increases in income for certain individuals could lead to increases in brain development and the benefits that go with it.

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1 Response to Being Poor Affects Kids’ Brains: Study

  1. DivGuy says:

    I’d tend to believe in this too. To a certain limit, money brings in circumstances to help or not a kid’s development. Many children also repeat what they see. This might be another reason why poverty sometimes lives from a generation to another.

    However, just like you, I also think there is potential for the extraordinary at any socioeconomic level.

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