What Next?

Well, it sure seems that there is no end to issues. I just passed by my new rental and some idiot or idiots got into it last night and broke the doors and lit fires inside. Lucky it is not burned to the ground. Went from so happy to completely angry. I just want to be left alone sometimes. It just makes me feel so angry when I think about how they will probably just destroy all the work I do. That is one of the reasons I do jot even like going over there. Now, all of the doors have been kicked in. The garage included. I nailed 2x4s across the other 2 doors th as t they went through last time, but now they kicked in the other 2 doors. How much more do they want. They already cut out the electrical and the a/c. What is left of the a/c is just scrap. So, I am going home and just lay down tonight. Good luck to all. Sorry about the rant.

Keep cranking,

Robert the DividendDreamer 


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4 Responses to What Next?

  1. Damn, sorry to here that DD. What a bunch of idiots. Who would do something like that? Little kids? Just terrible. Maybe you should call the cops or something or sleep over and catch them in action and smash them with a baseball bat 😛 lol. Anyways, hope all will go okay and let it out. Such distractions towards our goals.

    • Man, I think about all kinds of things I want to do, and I always come back to I have so much to lose if I do anything other than just clean up and try to keep them out. I have had times when I was stolen from when I was on the other side of the door or right on the other side of the house and I thought to myself, “I was glad I did not come across them because I could have gotten hurt or hurt someone.”
      I do not think it is kids. I think it is goofballs looking for a quick score to get drug money. I was in such a good mood this afternoon, so I just walked away tried to preserve that feeling. I am just trying to accept that I have to work hard and try to get the house repaired and hope for the best. Thanks for stopping by and the support.

      Keep cranking,

      Robert the DividendDreamer

  2. TwoInvesting says:

    Wow. Sorry to hear about your troubles! To, what I’m sure is a lesser scale, I know exactly how you feel. A few years ago I had my car broken into. About $1900 of damages and another $1000 of stuff stolen. Other cars had been broken into as well so I was not alone. One of those cars was a nice Mercedes that I specifically parked next to so that my car would not be hit by someone’s door! First time anything was stolen from me. I worked hard to get that stuff and hate the freeloaders that aren’t contributing anything to society.

    Good luck rebuilding. Was the house between tenets? I wonder if that would have swayed those criminals or just made it a more appealing target. Maybe with some cameras and motion activated lights you can catch these guys!

    • It is in the process of complete rehab. They seem to be going in at their leisure. This was the first time I noticed fire was set. They must have used rags for light. There is no electricity. They cut the wires out a while back and stole the entire ac.

      Keep cranking,

      Robert the DividendDreamer

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