What a Feeling


Has anyone here ever felt guilty for not saving enough?  Or should I say, thinking that you are not saving enough? I certainly have. Lately(many years) saving and hoarding my wealth has possessed my every thought. Although I am not a miser, I look at every purchase with a ton or resentment. I feel like I am short changing my future. I have quite a hard time spending anything, because it is not part of my FI plan.


I had such a hard time with selling my stock to pay for the slab jacking- you have no idea. However, the house is either going to continue to make money, or it could have been a potential total loss. Either way, the taxes would still be due on the land and the house unless I tore it down. Also, keeping it rented with the slab as it was would be a nightmare. So, I broke down and did it. Now, it still needs a ton of repairs, but I am doing all of that myself

It will be all materials, and I have most everything in stock to do it. The house will require lots of repairs to the sheet rock from the tenants and the lifting of the house. That is just lots of time and effort. Then, a complete paint job. All the doors will need to be adjusted and made to open and close tight. Once that is done, I will be in good shape, and the tenants will be in better conditions than they have been in the past few months.


The settling seemed to happen in the last 5 months. Piling failure is the cause.


In addition to that, I seem to be pinching pennies in all areas of life-all in the effort to be FI. There does not seem to be a happy median. It is either all or nothing. I feel that I need to max out my IRA’S without exception. The Simple IRA for the tax deduction and the Roth for its amazing wealth building potential. Does anyone have this same overwhelming  desire? Sometimes, it is not really financially possible to do this without cutting something out elsewhere. Is it better to live for the now or save for an uncertain future?

Since a vast portion of my assets are in IRA’s, the dividends are not just like cash being delivered to my mailbox today. It is more like I feel that I will get a ton of mail in the distant future! Also, I do not want to tap the dividends in my open accounts because they are just starting to really compound nicely. What is there to do? Does anyone use their dividends now, or are they just left to compound until some distant retirement day?


I have kids who will eventually go to college. Maybe, both have the possibility to get an athletic scholarship, and one is extremely intelligent and might get some kind of scholarship, but if all those things go boom, my accumulated wealth will possibly play against them when looking for financial aid. It is amazing how that happens.

I know people who do nothing and save less. Yet, they get checks from the Government for thousands of dollars in cash. For this, they risk nothing. They have no desire or incentive to save or invest. Do you know how much you have to invest to draw $5000.00 -$6000.00 in dividends. I am sure many of you know exactly how much money that is, and what effort you had to put into building that number. Well, they get this for doing nothing. I cannot believe that it occurs, but it does. I bet there are a bunch of you guys who make right at too much passive income to qualify for any credit. Yet, you risk so much to get that income. How does that feel when you think about it? I find it hard to believe that the Government has set up a system that rewards complete ineptitude.


I know why the government does it. They are keeping those who are recipients fat and happy. It keeps them under control and obedient. They will never go against the grain, and they will vote in a way that allows it to keep going in the same direction. History has been filled with the same types of situations. Sometimes it was land that was given for loyalty. At other times, it was food and water. Isn’t it crazy that we have to pay for water. Shouldn’t that be a basic human right- The right to water.


Anyway, I was just curious if any of you guys feel guilty spending money today because you might be short changing your future? Also, do you feel it is sometimes better to live in the now and find a good balance for saving and investing for the future? Or, has it become a rat race in the quest to FI?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to comment-all are welcome.

Happy Easter.

Keep cranking,

Robert the DividendDreamer 

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Doing what I can to make the best of today and the most of tomorrow.
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6 Responses to What a Feeling

  1. Hey Robert. Thanks for sharing. Saving for Financial Independence one day is such a long journey. The road is always under construction. We focus too much on the end goal, destination and will reach it at some point. No doubt! With our determination and hard work. However, i know we must enjoy the journey as well. What’s it all for? I know it’s for our kids for sure. Slow and steady does it and there’s no time line. There’s always gonna be bills and unexpected expenses that pop up but we just gotta plug away.
    I know one thing though, most people want the good life but aren’t willing to put the hard work for it. We’re different breeds. Well, sorry I’m not much help but stay positive and count our blessings bud. We’ve got our health and our families and some good friends. We’re rich.
    Take care and Cheers!

    • Thanks for stopping by. It sure is a long journey. Hopefully, we can all find a happy middle ground where we can enjoy our lives in the present and save and invest enough for our FI in the future.

      Happy Easter,

      Keep cranking,

      Robert the DividendDreamer

  2. mstcourtjester says:

    Your pictures says it all, balance in life. My philosophy is live within your means. Live everyday as if it were your last, but plan like you were going to live to be 120 🙂

    • I like the way that sounds. Man can you imagine the wealth that your family would inherit if you lived to be 120 and had your portfolio compound for possibly 100 years or more? Unbelievable!

      Keep cranking,

      Robert the DividendDreamer

  3. Vivianne says:

    I think at some point when you track your income/expense closely for a year or two. This will boost your confident in spending. Knowing you can still save 50-75% of your earning, I’m sure it will make spending a bit easier.

    My friend laughed at me when I was making “a lot” of money right after college, and I told her I’m living “paycheck – to – paycheck”. It was a true situation, at the time I was in so much debt and so little net worth. I don’t think I am in that situation anymore. As soon as my asset exceeded my liabilities, I allowed myself to spend a bit more.

    Your children will benefit a lot by having you around all the time, taking them to their games.

    • I sure hope I can continue to enjoy being with my children every day. It will not be long before they are adults and possibly have kids of their own. I want then to be happy with their lives. They have truly brought me many years of joy. They are everything to me.

      Also, I always tell everyone I am broke-because I am. I cannot stand the thought of spending money that I have saved in order to buy something. I always say that if I can’t pay for it from my earnings, I won’t buy it. Some people cannot understand that concept. Thanks for stopping by.

      Keep cranking,

      Robert the DividendDreamer

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