T Time


Over the past week, I decided to add to my position in AT&T (T). I decided to bet against the grain and add to my dividend current dividend output. This move has brought me back to the right direction of increasing my overall dividend output total. I bought a total of 236 shares. This purchase will add $443.68 to my annual dividend total. I have also been adding shares of T to my positions through dividend reinvestments. Those shares have to be tallied, and I will update that total at the end of the month.

It has been very busy around here. I have been working my jobs, fixing broken sewer lines and toilets ( I cannot describe how truly enjoyable that is), buying and reinvesting in stocks, planning for my retirement, traveling and watching sporting events of every imaginable sort, and writing my thoughts out for the world to see. It has been very busy, but the feelings of accomplishment and success have been with me every step of the way, and I want this to continue.

I will update the totals when I receive the dividends in a few weeks. Also, I will update my GE positions and other dividend yielding stocks. My overall dividend total will be much lower because of the sale of AEP to fund my rental real estate repairs- “You got to break a few eggs to make an omelet once in a while.”

It has been quite a spring for me. We went to lots of competitions and had many winning bids for my little athletes, we were part of a scene in a major motion picture, and the doldrums of the winter months has seemed to pass. Hopefully, things play out nicely for the rest of the year. I wish all of you who follow me continued success. Stay the course. Thanks for the support.

Remember to check me out on Seeking Alpha—- I am Seeking Dividends.

Keep cranking,

Robert the DividendDreamer
AKA—–Seeking Dividends

About dividenddreamer

Doing what I can to make the best of today and the most of tomorrow.
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2 Responses to T Time

  1. mhopkins20 says:

    Robert, I am quite impressed with all you have accomplished and all of your success in many aspects of your life. Your a great role model. Thanks for sharing. It gives others inspiration and hope to see someone so dedicated and successful in so many ways. Keep up the great work and thanks again for sharing. Margaret

    • Thank you very much. I am feeling very good about doing what makes me happy. This has turned out to be one of the best experiences that I have ever had. I hope that I can continue to write about the companies that intrigue me. Thanks for stopping by.

      Keep cranking,

      Robert the DividendDreamer

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