Well, today I saw the electric company turning off the electricity at my rental while cutting the grass across the street. In my mind, they were gone. However, I was absolutely wrong!!!!!
About 5 o’ clock, I started cutting the grass that was about 3 feet tall in the back yard.  Her eis the front


This is what it looked like after I ran it over. Better, but still a mess. Anyway, I was almost finished and my wife heard a dog barking from inside the house. No food, no electricity, no water, and the front door wide open. Within 30 minutes, I had the police called on me for trespassing on my own property. Can you imagine that? My bouse, and someone who owes me almost 4 months rent calls the police on me for cleaning the mess they created. Anyway, the officer was very nice. I can’t imagine the issues he must deal with every day. I  really glad he was the one who came by to answer the call.

Anyhow, I cannot believe the issues that I must deal with when renting to someone. They can owe me money and destroy my property and after all that, I can still be harassed by them by having the police called on me. This situation is crazy. I have to go to court tomorrow to get the final eviction, but since they left, I just went to start cleaning up. Amazing that I have zero rights. I feel the laws are totally flawed. I am very lenient and mellow with my tenants. I think that is a mistake. They definitely take advantage of me.

Well, I am still dirty, and I am worn out. My days are hot and tiring lately, but I must continue to move forward. My father used to tell me to tackle one thing at a time, or it becomes overwhelming. He was right—-I sure do miss him.

I can only try my best to make things right. I figure that if I do the right thing, good will come my way. I am not going to change because someone else feels entitled and wants to cause me grief. They will never truly prosper. Oh, they might get some free gov’t money or food stamps, but they will never truly be free. They are a slave to the system. They have to conform to certain behaviors in order to comply with the qualifications.

On Mother’s day, I worked cutting grass. I really had no choice. However, the tenants in that house were laying around while the grass was still 3 feet tall. Something leads me to believe they will always have grass that is 3 feet tall, and they will always be looking for a free ride. I do jot want a free ride. I have been working as long as I can remember. I used to work with my dad on every project since I was a mere child. His work ethic is now my work ethic. I just want to do my work and make things a little better every day.

Well, I am really tired and worn out right now, and my words have been all over the place. I just want this issue to go away tomorrow when the court date comes. Hopefully, things work out.

I look at my kids, and I want them to know that I would never hurt someone or try to rip them off. I want to be a good role model for them, and help them grow into respectable adults. I will never lower myself to the level of the filth that feels entitled, and takes without giving back. I want my children to feel the same way about me that I feel about my father. If I accomplish that, my life will be successful.

Wish me luck for tomorrow, and good luck to all of you.

Keep cranking,

Robert the DividendDreamer
AKA — Seeking Dividends

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Seeking Dividends
AKA — DividendDreamer

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12 Responses to Why???

  1. Where I live, the rental manager told me if rent is 10 days late, that I would get evicted. I think this a lie. The rental manager also tried to get me to sign the lease without fully reading it.

    In my home province in eastern canada, when you get evicted you have 90 days exce.pt 30 days if it is a family member moving in. If you feel the tenant is a threat you can get them out in 5 days.

    • I never ever missed a rent payment.

    • They are 4 months late, and have been late since they moved in. They painted the house LSU purple the first month they moved in. In the past four months, they painted over all the shoddy sheet rock repairs with a cream color paint. They were not to paint anything ever, but they broke that rule before the first month was up. I am going to post some pictures of the interior when I gain access. I will make sure to document the graffiti artist’s work especially. Plus, there is not a window that is not broken in the whole house or a door. It is absolutely amazing. Oh, the dog that was left is still in there with no air conditioning and crapping all over the place. I can’t go over to clean up because I am trespassing. Wow! Sounds like a deal. Hopefully, tomorrow is close to the end of this. Take it easy.

  2. TwoInvesting says:

    Good luck to you tomorrow! I have absolutely zero respect for people who game the system like that. Welfare should be there as a temporizing measure to get back on your feet, not a way of life like your freeloaders seem to think it is.

    Hope things work out for you!!

  3. Sorry to hear that you are in a terrible situation right now. If a similar instance happens to me I just tell to myself “At least I am a better person than they are and I have a better future than they are”. I am sure it holds true to you too. Karma is a bitch! They will get theirs down the road… Be strong buddy, keep your cool and don’t stoop down to their level, its not worth it.

    • Great advice. I will take it all and use it. I happen to think the same way and would never lower myself to their level. I want my kids to grow up knowing what is right and wrong, and I feel the best way would be to set a good example. Thanks for stopping by, and I really appreciate the support.

  4. mhopkins20 says:

    Dear Robert,
    You ARE the hardest worker, kindest man, greatest father, husband, son and stand up person I know. I can’t think of one person you have never helped. Your father is proud and you remember that. And karma is real all the good you have done and will continue to do will come back to you because you my dear friend have more heart and compassion for everyone and everthing in your path. Those no good people will always be freeloaders and a disgrace to the human Race; whereas, you will prosper in many ways. I will be more than happy to help out in any way I can. Diane and I will clean and I will help willingly. As for a father and husband I only pray and dream I find a person with your qualities for my kids. You and your family are very special to me. Things Will get better because your not a quiter and your passion in life for your family and friends and even strangers will all pay off in the end. Kindest regards your friend Margaret.

    • Thanks very much. I feel very blessed to have family and friends who see me as I truly am. I won the eviction, but they still have until tomorrow to leave, and then, I need a marshall to remove them. Hopefully they will leave so I can get things moving forward. Thanks again.

  5. Vivianne says:

    Before I didn’t have a clause for going to the common area, maintenance work, etc. Now, I do.
    No None Sense Landlord, he said his contract has you pay 1 day late, you pay a fee. 5 days, he starts working on eviction process. So the maximum people can rip him off is 2 months.

    I have much to learn as on of my tenant is causing issue, also.

    Goodluck with the court things. Hopefully, after court, you can give 72-hour notice if they are not completely moved. And somehow put a lien on their job to get all of your money back.

    • I won, but still need to wait for the final out. Not much to put any judgement against. There is gun play with those people, so I am going to just pray to get rid of them. I will just accept the loss and work to make things better for myself and the future tenants. I am going to be video taping all talks with future tenants so there is no he said-she said. I am more than happy to tape my words with them. I wonder if they are willing just the same. It has been very taxing dealing with these fools. I have not been able to write articles or make trades. With the work that needs to be done in that house, I am sure I won’t be doing much of anything but working on house’s in the coming months. Anyway, wish me luck, and good luck with your issues with tenants also. Thanks for stopping by.

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