T Time?

It is getting really close to the end of the month. According to AT&T, they have plans to close the Direct TV deal by the end of the month. Not much time left.

If the deal is approved today, then they would only have a few days left before the end of the month to tie up the loose ends. If not, then the FCC should be ruling early next week in order for the deal to be done by the end of the month.

I had a lot of issues with tenants last month, so my trading in my trading account was rather muted. I did noy book the upside when T moved towards $35.50. Now that it is trending up again, the only reason I held my trading shares after the move is because I anticipate a pip if the Direct TV deal comes to fruition.

So, I am patiently waiting for the FCC to make their minds up. We will soon see. Good luck to all.

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AKA — Seeking Dividends

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Seeking Dividends
AKA — DividendDreamer

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4 Responses to T Time?

  1. Vivianne says:

    I bought T because it pays well and the stock doesn’t move much. It’s like putting money in a piggy bank, but this biggy bank grows. FCC shouldn’t have any problem with the deal as ATT doesn’t have a TV business, no monopoly or elimination of competition.

    I only have a few shares so it doesn’t matter how the stock move πŸ™‚

    • T has a very nice yield, so it really puts money in your pocket each quarter. I decided to trade some T because if I do get caught upside down, the yield is very good, and I would have no issues holding the stock. Good luck.

  2. Commenting specifically on the merger I really can’t believe the public hasn’t transitioned to a largely internet streaming based only type of TV subscription. It’s really at the point where you’re almost better off streaming content(legally) then paying the exorbitant monthly fees that these companies charge. (sorry rant over) Hoping to pickup some T soon πŸ™‚

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