Watch “9HA Gas Turbine Product Video” on YouTube

It is amazing how far things have evolved from good old coal powered plants. Note that the combined cycle plant offers an extra almost 50% efficiency improvement. That is where Alstom plays a major part in the equation. 61% overall efficiency for a combined cycle plant is amazing. I am sure that with a little more effort, they can add to that figure quite a bit.  There has to be more heat or wasted motion that can be harnessed from the complete system, but the technology is possibly cost prohibitive or has not been fully developed. Give it a few years.

I would not be surprised if windmills will be eventually powered by the turbulence from the final exhaust and the thermals rising from the plant itself. If any company has the ability to do it, it will be GE.

Good luck to all.

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Seeking Dividends
AKA — DividendDreamer

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