An Eagle Takes Flight!

Why his death shakes us

There are few words that can be said to comfort those who experience a loss such as this. I do know that, although I may not have known Glenn Frey personally, I feel that I knew his heart. The music that came from him and the Eagles has touched me and millions of people for decades, and it will touch us for decades to come.

Take it easy…..Take it easy.  Amazing how a few words can touch someone so strongly. A few years back, I stood on  a corner in Winslow, Arizona thinking how cool I was, somehow, to be a small part of that amazing song.

Traveling home from California, I noticed the sign for Winslow, Arizona, and it hit me just how important that would be for me to see how standing on that corner felt for the person in that song. I have to say that it felt wonderful. Everyone knows just why you are on that corner. Although I did not see any flatbed Fords, I saw a host of people who knew just how happy I was to be living my life like I wanted at that moment. It truly was an amazing day in my life.

Will I stop by again if I pass through? You damn well know I will! I am going to stop and smell the air and remember all the good times I have had in my life. It seems like music has been tied to many of those times in one way or another. I can only imagine the feelings of accomplishment and fulfilment that Glenn Frey experienced throughout his life. Life is not fair, and we all have our crosses to bear, but hopefully, in the end, Glenn realized just how important he was in the lives of kids growing up in the 70’s. He certainly touched me with the music he performed. You can check-out anytime you like, but you can never leave! You have left us a legacy that will never faulter, and certainly, you will never leave us.

Farewell, Glenn.

**Today, CNBC had Eagles and Glenn Frey music playing all through the day. Very nice to see that Glen’s life and existence was celebrated by so many people. He will truly be missed.

Keep cranking,

Robert the DividendDreamer
AKA — Seeking Dividends

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Seeking Dividends
AKA — DividendDreamer

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