Update: 2/29/2016

Well, my daughter is now registered for the state competition. Just 3 weeks till she presents her project at the fair. She had so many ideas, and each one of them is very good. It is amazing how projects such as these inspires young minds to create new ideas and manipulate the world around them. I feel that most kids just do not get the opportunities to work at a level that stimulates their creativity, and projects like this should be mandatory for all students at every grade level. It really brings out the best in a child when they are allowed to think freely and discover answers to problems through research and discovery.



Well, today was very hectic, but the rewards were amazing.

First off, my daughter got 2nd place in her trampoline competition. She had the best routine, but flubbed the final landing. Either way, a nice job.

Next, we went to the Regional science fair, and she cleaned up. She won her division, received the Broadcom Award, Got the Naval Award, Got the Aeronautics and Astronautics Award, 200.00 dollars, 2 other 1st place medals, the social media competition award, and the piece de resistance- The Grand Prize Award.


What an amazing night!  I sure am a lucky guy. I have 2 great kids, and I am very proud. Although things have not been going the way I want them in my life, my kids have been the sole bright spot. They are truly 2 amazing kids. What else could a man want?

Now, we shall see how things go in the next level of competition. Regardless, I am on cloud 9. I definitely have a future scientist in my presence, and I can’t wait to see her succeed in all of her ventures.

Keep cranking,

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