State Champion

Well, My daughter won the State Championship in Trampoline yesterday. I am so proud of her.


She performed her best routine of the year so far. Now, we are off to the Regionals in the next few months, then from there, to the Nationals in Rhode Island. We are so excited for her.

It is amazing how much is going on with my kids. We just got all packed up to go to the State Science and Engineering Fair at LSU University tomorrow. Her project is complete, and she is very excited about going to such a high level STEM Fair. I cannot say just how happy I am for her. I have watched her do her research and test her ideas, and I can only say, the results are nothing short of  amazing.


We will know how she faired Tuesday afternoon. As far as winning and losing goes, it really does not matter. The knowledge that this young child gleaned from this experiment was profound to say the least- that is a win no matter how you slice it. She has a grasp of physics and the Laws of Motion that many scholars rarely achieve, and I am in awe of that knowledge. As a matter of fact, I have been smiling throughout this entire process leading up to this fair because I am in awe myself.

Shr is so well rounded because she is always involved in something. My daughter has been interviewing for theatrical parts for many years now, and she competes in all levels of talent and beauty. Those contests have instilled in her a confidence in herself and have allowed her to speak in front of thousands of people on a regular basis. As far as her speaking abilities- They are incredible, and when she opens up about her project….. Well, let’s just say I think the the judges are in for a treat. I am sure she will be able to answer any question put to her because she has a complete grasp of fluid dynamics that includes the Venturi effect and Bernoulli’s Principle.

Also, because we have always been talking about GE, turbines and the generation of electricity in general since she was a baby, her knowledge of the subject is second to known. I am truly amazed how she grasps concepts and can see how they can be incorporated into technologies to better society and to harness energy previously left untapped.

As you can tell, I am very excited about this endeavor. When she went to bed, I just could not stop thinking how proud I am of both of my kids, and just had to write something down. I keep hearing my daughter say she wants to be a scientist, and I am in my glory. I can see her one day tinkering in a lab some day creating something that can change the world. Wow! What a dream. I know my dad would have been so happy for her,  and he would have been taking the ride to see every competition. He made the last National Trampoline event in Long Beach with us. We traveled 7000 miles on  that 2 week vacation, and it was the last one we took before he died. It was an amazing time, and that is the trip that spurred the idea for her project.

When we made it to the end of I10 in California, The sight of the windmill farm was just breathtaking. It is that sight that initiated her idea to use turbulence from vehicles to generate electricity, and since then, she has experimented with various blade shapes, materials, sizes, and skin textures. Her insight into these technologies is far beyond normal for any regular person- As far as I am concerned. What started out as a basic test of a hypothesis has grown into a never ending quest to utilize power sources that have previously been left unharnessed. As a matter of fact, at the Regional Fair, she met an employee of GE, and she was talking with him for quite some time about the new technologies being implemented, and she even offered some insight into how things could be made better. However, she does keep most of her ideas kind of close to the belt because they could truly be patent worthy, so she uses a lot of generalities on her board layouts, and she documents all of her work with a date and time. I think that is very smart, so that she has some kind of way to authenticate her work. Like I said, I am in awe of this young child because of her work ethic and skill set.

Well, like I said, we will see how things go Tuesday. Either way, she is a winner in my book. She has already decided on her next experiment for next year’s fair. Of course, that is a long way off, but the idea is truly extremely cool- Perhaps cooler than the one she is going to present Tuesday. Although the experiment is finished, it is still a work in progress. Once she saw her ideas actually worked, the wheels started spinning, and now she has so many thoughts on the matter that I am afraid the experiments will never end…..That’s a good thing, right? It is a good thing, and I am very happy for her and willing to help in any way.  We recently met a man who has the ability to allow her to potentially build her ideas using high end CAD, 3D printing, and all sorts of manufacturing and design technologies all under one roof. I did not even know such a facility existed in our city, but it does, and she may be able to utilize some of the technology as her ideas grow and need better materials and design to take shape. The contacts she is making are laying a foundation for her future, and a bright future it looks to be.

Well, I will let everyone know how it goes, soon enough. Till then…..

Keep cranking,

Robert the DividendDreamer
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Seeking Dividends
AKA — DividendDreamer

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