Fate Would Have It

Well, I just got back from the hospital. Seems that my friend was pronounced brain dead this afternoon. However, he was an organ donor. So, some good will hopefully, come out of all of this.

When I went up to visit this afternoon, I noticed that there was a bunch of activity, but did not realize the work was being done to ready his organs for possible transplant. All the while, I was wondering if he was an organ donor. When I finally saw his family this evening, I got the whole story about how the doctors took him off of the respirator for 10 minutes and nothing happened. They also told me that the EEG showed no brain waves, then they told me about the organ donor card he signed.

I was so happy to hear that my friend will be able to help others through his donations. He would be so proud that he could help others continue to enjoy life as he always has. I am very proud that my friend will live on in others.

So many emotions, and so many what ifs. All I can say is that I miss my friend already, and this has truly been a depressing week, and it is really just beginning. Life is really just a series of fleeting moments that are put together in our minds and we call them memories. From this friendship, I have a lifetime of memories, and those memories will last a lifetime. I have known this boy since he was a baby. I watched him grow up and experience his life. He was in my wedding and I was his confirmation sponsor. Everytime we saw each other or talked on the phone, the movies and the songs that meant so much to us growing up were always high on the list.  He was like a brother to me, and now he is gone. Such a loss!  I can’t help but rant because I have lost such a wonderful and compassionate friend. All of those days growing up together have suddenly rushed back to me, and I wonder where all the time went.

All I can say is that if you haven’t talked to someone recently or are on th e outs with someone let it go, and call them or go and visit. We have a limited time on this planet and we should make the most of it. I wish I could or would have spent more time with him, but did see him a few weeks ago, and we had a nice time like the old days.

It is getting late, and my words are spent, so I have to call it a night, but I doubt I will sleep. My thoughts won’t stop, although I wish they sometimes would- Just enough to allow me to relax and sleep soundly. I guess that is how it is and how it will be, so I will just deal with it. I am alive and should be grateful for every breath I take. In the past few days, things like money and investing that normally overtake my mind have suddenly become much less important, and that is ok. I feel very sad because my buddy has passed away, and the thoughts of him are now running through my mind. As a matter of fact, he died on the same day as my father just 3 years later. I really was hoping that did not occur, but it did, and now, March 29 will always be very difficult for me to experience.

I ask that anyone who has any sadness or loss in there lives feel free to comment or just speak about your friends and family. It truly will make you feel better knowing that other people are going through the same emotions as you are.

Thank you and good night,


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