What a Week!!!!!

First, we met 2 astronauts, and actually sat at the main table in the front of the auditorium with the Tulane Dean of Engineering, Dr. Altiero, the Undergraduate Dean Dr. Wee, and 2 astronauts from the Space Shuttle program. Unreal!


Then today, we made a road trip to a major beauty contest, and low and behold……..


Pre Teen Lafayette USA. Talk about an amazing weekend.

Check out @DividendDreamer‘s Tweet: https://twitter.com/DividendDreamer/status/721604302876319744?s=09

Plus, she met another astronaut at the contest. She was one of the judges.  Amazing week for a young girl.  Also got some autographs, So, all is good.


Keep cranking,

Robert the DividendDreamer
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3 Responses to What a Week!!!!!

  1. Awesome week. Meeting an astronaut would be really cool. Was there time for questions? I would love to know how it feels to accelerate like hell during the launch and then be floating around. Is it comparable to a rollercoaster ride?

    • They said it was a wild ride and not like you see on tv. People get sick and once you are up there, it is the most undescribable thing. They said it is so quick- 8 1/2 minutes after go, you are in space, and the time just seems to go by, then all of a sudden, it’s time to go, and you are a regular person again. They seemed to both say that sleep/wake was OK because they kept the window closed, but the floating/weightless was biggest issue with sleep. Also, eye issues after being up there 5 1/2 months needs more study for long term. Also, landing in a Souyuz capsule was like a train crash because it is landing on land- crashing on land.

  2. Congrats to your daughter on the competition. I bet you are a very proud papa!

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