The Shorts Must Be In Heaven

Seems that no matter how much change is made, something always gets thrown in the works for GE. The Great Recession, Fukushima, SIFI, Oil tanked—– So many issues for GE to overcome. It would seem that 3D printing, Alstom, GenX, GE Capital sales, and all the brilliant machines coming online would push things higher.

The dividend needs to be pushed higher to get dividend growth investors back in the saddle. Also, sales have to build in order to boost earnings. The buyback will help, but it sure would be nice to see growth in sales and in earnings.  I know that I am tired of seeing revenues decline while the salaries of the “big wigs” increase year after year. The revenues have to move higher soon, and in turn, earnings need to show growth. the plan for the turn around is moving forward, but it sure would be nice to see the stock price obtain the levels that were seen before the Great Recession.

To me, it seems that the analysts do a ton of manipulating. One week things are all great, and before the weeks over, all he’ll is breaking loose. These guys really know a lot more than they say, but I feel that their words are used to manipulate the stocks for either personal or other reasons. Other reasons could be “kickbacks.” I truly believe that many of the analysts are on the take. I have nothing but my inner feelings on this, but what would they gain by saying these things if they do not have a vested interest in the stocks. Also, if they are short, or linked to a short trade somehow, it would make all kinds of sense to want the stock to drop . Also, it could allow the company to be able to buy a bunch of shares back at a lower price, so, they may be working with the company in some capacity……It has been done before!

I am sure that things are never exactly how they seem. I have been a holder of GE for quite some time, and I hope everything is on the “up and up.” Time will tell, and hopefully, the shareholders will reap some rewards other than the 3% dividend that is always touted. I know that I invested in GE for way more than a 3% dividend. How about you?

Please share your thoughts.

Keep cranking,

Robert the DividendDreamer
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