Just For Fun

What a great idea. With all the work that goes into planning for retirement, it seems that I forget about what I should also be doing from time to time- Having fun. So, I decided that this page will be about one thing- Fun. My days as well as nights are filled with constant thoughts about retiring and seeing the world. I have been in that mode for many years….no….many decades now. With each passing year, I have seen lots of progress, but also added pressure. Pressure to succeed, pressure to fulfill long held dreams, pressure to maintain a high quality of life, pressure to find a way to eliminate the workload and replace it with a quality stream of passive income sources, as well as, pressure to overcome the limitations I placed upon myself when I chose an alternative career path after all those years in college have weighed heavy on my soul . Self imposed, but nevertheless, pressure and it is relentless. Well, now is the time to start relieving that pressure. Like the old saying goes, “There is no time like the present.” So, here it goes.

10/5/2014  3:19AM

I just got back from the first concert of the rest of my life. I have been to many others, but this one is the first one of many more that I plan to attend with the rest of my life. I felt like I was 16 again. The sound and the words were as if for the first time. I could see myself cruising the boulevard all those years ago in my new Corolla and cranking the music as loud as it could go. All the while, I was singing the lyrics along with the band. That, my dear fellows, is total happiness. I felt that tonight…. It was surreal! To see those guys I used to look at as if they were from another world standing right in front of me was extremely cathartic. I saw them in the same light as I used to see them, but I also came to understand that they too are doing exactly what I am doing each and every day. I wondered if they felt the way I felt when I heard the music, or is the music just a means to an end for them. Is it their passion, or is it their job. I want to believe that anyone who can entertain the world in a way that they do has to be doing it because of the passion they feel for the performance. I no longer see those guys as unapproachable, but as men just like each and every one of us. They have the same problems with their health and minds, as well as with their family and friends…. How could they not?  So, without further ado, I give you my day…. Just for the fun of it.


10/04/2014   Afternoon football


My son getting ready to crush that kid for a fumble and recovery. We won!


What a night!

Keep cranking,

Robert  the DividendDreamer




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