Retirement Objectives

Update: 10/28/2014

Looks like time with family seems to be most important in the poll so far. I like that. Time with family and friends is very important and financial freedom will allow time to be spent with them. Thanks for exploring my blog and keep voting.

Robert the DividendDreamer



Some of my most memorable moments were times with my dad. We were very close and I hope I will always be that way with my own childen. I have tried my best to give my kids everything that was given to me and do things with them that they will remember years from now. The best thing about my family is that my wife and I do everything with our kids. We never leave them with other people and go without them. We both agree on this and we have lots of memories of vacations and good times with our kids.


Some of the things I am going to try to put on the front burner:

1. Rock concerts are a big part of our lives. We go as a family as often as we can. I have been bringing my kids since they were mere babies. As a matter of fact, we just saw Def Leppard/KISS in Texas for Labor Day.

2. I want to see the world- as much of it as I can at least. Paris, The Pyramids in Egypt and Peru, The Amazon, The Great Wall….. you get the picture.

3. It would be nice to go to Disney World and eat at all the Restaurants and stay in every Hotel on the grounds.

4. I have always wanted to walk the Appalachian Trail.

5. Go back to the Grand Canyon and look up at the stars from the bottom of the Canyon.

6. I want to finish and enjoy my Theater.
It is very usable and about 85% complete, but the final touches will just be so very sweet.

7. I want to get back into very good physical shape and compete in Masters level contests.

Just a few ideas to keep me busy in retirement.



I am sitting here watching my son practice at school for his football team. I wonder if he knows just how free he is at this time. I know he has school work to do, and the school and playground ball take up a whole bunch of his time, but he is doing what he wants at the moment. He probably does not give his freedom to pursue his dreams a second thought. He has always wanted to play ball and go to college to play ball. Each one of  his practices pays a small dividend for him every time he steps on the field for a game. He is just a little faster, he reads the plays a little better and he feels a little more confident each and every day. I look at him and see happiness in his face. The light of freedom radiates from him as he runs from the field. I wonder if he sees it the same as I do. He is doing what he wants, but does he consider it a job or does he consider it fun?  I see it as fun because he does it because he wants to regardless of whether it gets him to the next level or not. Although, I must say, I do dream of seeing him play for a major college someday. It feels as if I am living my dreams of Independence as I sit here and watch him do what he does best. Time to go, he is running towards me with a smile, it must be fun!


Robert the DividendDreamer

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