1. Max out contributions to Roth IRAs. PASS

2. Max out contribution to Simple IRAs. PASS

3. Finish Electricity, Plumbing, and tear out on “832” Property. MISERABLE FAIL

4. Increase overall dividend payout by over 15% Through contributions and reinvestments.

5. Start to balance my portfolio and become more diverse in my investments.

2015  GOALS (Tentative)

1. Max out contributions to Roth IRAs.



2. Max out contributions to Simple IRAs


3. Finish “832” Rental

Failed—- Unforeseen rebuild to         1613.


4. Upgrade blog to self hosting.



I might have been a bit optimistic with the goals for the year. The 832 remodel turned into the 1613 rebuild. So, I guess a future goal was accomplished here, but at the expense of a current objective. I still have time for the 2015 Simple contribution,  but the self host blog is not going to happen this year.

Had a nice run on Seeking Alpha, but time is so constrained writing has been sidelined for now.

2016 goals soon to come!

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