Let’s get…Let’s Get Rocked!


Well, just got up after making our way to Atlanta yesterday for the Def Leppard concert with Styx and Tesla. It was the culmination of one heck of a week.


The trip was pretty much a smooth ride except for when we got close to the ampitheater. The traffic was amazing. I decided to go around the long way, and come back through the city, and it cut 45 minutes off the wait on the interstate. I pulled right up to the venue in 6 minutes from another direction and traffic was still like a parking lot going back the other way.  That was a great move and got us there just in time.

I have to say, I am not a great Tesla fan, and did not really expect much from Styxx. However, Tesla had a nice, but short set, and Styxx was amazing! My son told me during the first song that they sounded just like the radio— He was absolutely right. The songs were very tight and full of fun and good times, and each one brought me back to a time in my earlier life when things were just right. It is fabulous to see my kids enjoy some of the same things that I enjoyed all those years ago and make memories that they can call their own. I also have to say that Tommy Shaw still has what it takes to Rock!!


Now, when Def Leppard took the stage, that opened up another whole can of worms. The absolute power and enthusiasm of the performance was second to none. The entire crowd experienced their set as part of that band last night. Each and every one of those people was enjoying that moment in time—There were no worries about bills or investments or loads of sloppy caly in the wrong place!  For everyone, it was just pure and absolute enjoyment with the rush of endorphins pushing the heights of the experience to the limit.

Def Leppard’s performance was masterful in every way, and each song had the ability to put you in that place that you remember so very well. Throughout the set, all the band members gave it their all, and showed the professionalism developed over an almost 4 decade career.

Rick Allen is a drum god. Ever since his accident, he has really cemented his place in Rock History with his magnificent performances that seem to be getting better every time I see him play.  All the while, Rick Savage had his bass working overtime as he worked the bottom end with endless virtuosity. As a lead singer, Joe Elliot has continued to deliver pulse pounding performances during every show, and he has definitely proven his ability to lead a band through many trials and tribulations. As far as guitar goes, Phil Collen left nothing in reserve as he smashed through exquisite guitar riffs during each and every track.

From the get go, my focus was on Vivian Cambell. Just a few days prior to the concert, Vivian was not sure he was going to do the tour because his cancer has returned with a vengeance. Well, as the curtain rose, I made sure to focus my attention to see if he had made it to the stage that night. Although I was in the lawn pretty far away from the stage, I could see him standing right where he should be, and his performance on the guitar was well received. Although his trademark locks are no longer, his abilities on an ax are ever present. I felt exhalted as I saw him play his guitar and enjoy every moment. I am sure he has many issues that only time and luck will be able to correct, but last night, Vivian Cambell proved that doing what makes you happy is the best medicine. Not only did he look happy and content to be doing what he loves , but I, as well as every fan in that theater, was happy for him to be up there sharing his abilities with us. Thanks and good luck Vivian!!

I will have to say that Hysteria is my favorite song, and it was performed flawlessly last night. The feelings I get when that song is being played are beyond description. Hysteria has a little Pink Floyd vibe flowing through it, and that only adds to its appeal. It truly is a magnificent work that has power and majesty that is hard to duplicate. That song has been with me on my journey through life for quite some time, and I have forged many powerful memories in those many years. As a matter of fact, I met my wife just at the time this song was being released, and it has proven prophetic in every way. I don’t even know if she truly realizes how much this song describes how I feel for her.

Anyhow, I pulled up to my rental this morning as I drove home from the concert, and the piles were neatly removed from my neighbor’s lot.

Now, it is in the back yard at my rental and still in a pile, but it is out of the neoghbor’s lot.


Talk about a relief. I was planning on going to get a machine and doing it myself, but this was a great relief to say the least. So, I decided to take it easy today and get back in gear tomorrow. I let the market do what it does- which today was not very uplifting. However, that is how markets go. So, I am going to continue to enjoy my post concert euphoria, and let the day play out. Tomorrow is another day, and the work will still be there.

Good luck to all.

Keep cranking,

Robert the DividendDreamer
AKA — Seeking Dividends

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Seeking Dividends
AKA — DividendDreamer

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6 Responses to Let’s get…Let’s Get Rocked!

  1. DivGuy says:

    That’s good news! Glad to see you’ve got some time for yourself and less stressful things happening! Enjoy!



    • I just cannot wait to go on these little excursions. They really boost me up. Seems like the work troubles and such are here to stay for the foreseeable future, however, it is wonderful to just drive off and have a nice time with the wife and kids. Thanks for stopping by.

      Keep cranking,

      Robert the DividendDreamer
      AKA — Seeking Dividends

      Follow me on Twitter– Seeking Dividends@DividendDreamer

  2. Vivianne says:

    We had a long weekend too. We saw firework at the ball game. Gotta love the American sports!! 🙂

    • I enjoy fireworks on any occasion. Large or small displays are enjoyable just the same. Now, fireworks and rock music are absolutely spectacular. Thanks for stopping by. Good luck.

  3. ChasingGains says:

    Good to see you enjoying yourself Rob ! It’s good to really let your hair down and forgot about daily life every once in a while 😀

    • Not really enjoying myself. It has been one issue after another. Do not want to vent on here, but it has to do with my house being dropped and slab basically destroyed, and an issue with theft of some of my equipment. Still trying to forge ahead, but the road is very rough at the moment. Thanks for stopping by.

      Keep cranking,

      Robert the DividendDreamer
      AKA — Seeking Dividends

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