Dividends Don’t Just Come From Stocks!

plural noun: dividends
a sum of money paid regularly (typically quarterly) by a company to its shareholders out of its profits (or reserves).
a payment divided among a number of people, e.g., members of a cooperative or creditors of an insolvent estate.
an individual’s share of a dividend.
synonyms: share, portion, premium, return, gain, profit, commission; informalcut
“an annual dividend”
a benefit from an action or policy.
“persistence pays dividends”
synonyms: benefit, advantage, gain; More
bonus, extra, plus
“the research will produce dividends in the future”
a number to be divided by another number.

From reading the definition of dividends, I see that dividends are not only just payouts from a company, but they can also be seen as benefits, advantages or gains.

In the past few months, I have had my fill of work, and to try to explain exactly what has transpired would be quite hard indeed. Regardless, I can now look at my work as effort that will produce gains, benefits and advantages-i.e. dividends!

By remodeling my entire rental property, I will be able to charge the maximum rent that the area will allow. I sometimes wonder why I had to do so much work on this house, but it is not worth dwelling on the past. I am starting to see the benefit that the work will produce in the future. This house will be like new for my next renter, and for that, they will pay a fair price. Because I am not scrimping on the remodel, I am not going to be talked down or settle for a low quality tenant, and that will allow me to reap the benefit of higher rental income which is a benefit- i.e. a dividend!

All through this adventure, I have been adding to my stock positions, and I bought more shares of T with all my dividends. I have been building a larger position in T because it pays a very healthy dividend, and it is probably going to see a little DG in a month or so. Hey! Warren Buffet just initiated a nice position in T. If it is good enough for him, it is definitely good for me. However, I did not need Buffet to sell me on T. I believe in the company and its strategy. The DTV deal is going to reap a benefit in the coming years, and that will translate into dividends.

Also, my GE position is finally starting to rock! I was in this stock way before the analysts or the tailcoaters started to blow the horn, so I feel that I am at a good spot to see the benefits in the coming years. All of this has been happening while I was working day and night on my projects. I am excited about the things that are transpiring, but until I hit the sell button or see the dividend or stock price double from here, I am just biding my time. From my reading, it seems that by 2018-2020, both the dividend and the stock price could potentially see nice increases from where they currently stand. It seems to be a no brainer when shares are going to be repurchased in the billions, turbines booked and sold in the thousands, GE Capital being whittled down, Costs being cut, and the huge short position that could potentially cause the stock to rise dramatically if all the ducks line up correctly. I hope the shorts keep shorting because, if and when things finally turn around, it will be imperative that fund managers have a stock in their portfolio that has shown gains, and that will potentially squeeze the stock higher- even if it is just “window dressing.”

Anyhow, I am now going back to work. I am amped up to get this house to the final stretch. Although Gatlinburg would have been nice, I am going to use the extra time to get a little bit done on the house, and maybe post a little on my blog.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Good luck,

Keep cranking,

Robert the DividendDreamer
AKA — Seeking Dividends

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Seeking Dividends
AKA — DividendDreamer

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