Gatlinburg- A Bust This Year!

It has been one heck of a few months recently. However, all through it, I was working towards getting ready to go to Gatlinburg with my family to watch my son play football……Well, that is not going to happen! 

Why? You ask…..Well, it was all ready and we were supposed to leave about two hours ago, but as of yesterday, I was the only parent who actually paid the fees to go to the tournament. Imagine that! Out of 20 children, my son was the only one who was truly ready to go. I have no idea what the parents were thinking when we had the meeting last night. I was not actually believing what my ears were hearing.

It seems that the parents were all just hoping that the money was magically going to appear. In total, the entire trip was going to cost the team $16,500. Counting my money ($725), The coach collected pieces of payments totalling only $3500. I was completely dumbfounded. To me, it seemed that the parents were hoping that they would be the only one not paying, and the other parents would absorb the difference. I guess they all had the same idea. I was extremely disappointed that my little dude put all that work into practicing for the upcoming games, and it was all for nothing.

Talk about upset! He was knocked out. His reaction was to ask us to go anyway so we could just be on vacation for the week. Well, it probably would not be a good idea to just go hang out and watch others do what he really should be doing also. So, we decided not to go anywhere just yet. Maybe that was a good idea because I woke up this morning to a tenant telling me about a clogged toilet. That was this morning, and I just got home– 14 hours later! Being a landlord is not all its cracked up to be sometimes. Needless to say, it was way more than a toilet, but things are working now, but all the pipes need to be changed in the coming months. This house actually is right across the street from the dog I am currently working to complete. Boy! When it rains….It pours.

Anyhow, I am keeping my mind focused and plan to have a basic kitchen in a few days.


This is how it looks currently. Cabinets are being assembled now, and they should start to go in by weeks end. We shall see.

Well, I am worn out and sleep is calling. Hopefully, the market will be kind to all tomorrow. Good luck!

Keep cranking,

Robert the DividendDreamer
AKA — Seeking Dividends

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Seeking Dividends
AKA — DividendDreamer

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